Reply To: Memory dissapear

Tomas Zobal

    Hi Dan,

    I do stick with it and continue running the track. For some reason, it's easier for me to connect with the emotion, with the actual feeling, that's associated with the situation/memory I'm working on. It's like you described it… I can recall the memory vividly with detail, but as soon as the track starts and some of my attention goes to following the clicks, the memory sometimes slips away completely, is difficult to hold on to or becomes hazy.

    I suspect it's the sub trying to protect the old mind model. The example with the doctor visit.. I know exactly what you mean.

    For instance, when running The Wrapper, I have a hard time with flashing the memories quickly in my mind AND connecting to them or feeling the emotion at the same time. As if I needed more time to connect the two (memory and emotion). I can either flash memories quickly without feeling much emotion or I can connect to a memory more deeply, but at a slower pace.