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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Dan,

    What the other folks have written is spot on.

    It is not uncommon for someone's mind to wander during a PSTEC track. Also, it does make sense that the feelings and feelings may dissipate before running the tracks. These will not affect long-term results in using PSTEC, as long as you are following the instructions and trying to feel the emotions.

    This could be the sub protecting you, or it could simply be that you are anchored to feeling better as the tracks play.

    It can be very effective to write down exactly what you wish to work on before running the tracks – write down the memories, the emotion and the triggers. It can keep you on-task. It can also trigger other.memories.

    Another strategy that can be very effective when dealing with “older” memories is to try to recreate the feelings you had then. Go back to how you would have felt as your younger.self.

    Which feelings did you have then? Sadness? Fear? Whichever emotion it was, do you have recent experience with that (e.g. another context)?  If so, then you could evoke these feelings (assuming you have not already dissolved them!) in the more recent context and then attach them to the past context/memory just before running the track…and then CT them.

    Please let us know how you get on.


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