Reply To: Memory dissapear

Daniel Wynn

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the link plus1g, i tried it last night and it seemed to be very effective. I am about to give it another go tonight. A lot of stuff came up I had long forgotten, so i think I am going to use this often, once again thanks for pointing me to that. Do you use the why technique often now?

    I feel as if we are very similar thomas, a lot of what you have described is the same as how it is for me. Do you still find peace in those events that once troubled you? I think once an emotion or feeling pops up, I have to find myself keep going back to it, because it slips away quite quick. I know its not a race though, love the journey, not the finish line. I have come to realise challenges and obstacles will always arise, and we never stop learning. It's interesting we are both wired in similar way with the click tracts etc, and can help one another.  :)

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks you for the advice. I've got a list of events etc jotted down, so I go back to that regularly and find peace in those events, as much as I can. I will work out what emotions are involved and add them to the memories from now. You mentioned trying to recreate the feelings I had once had in those memories, is that a normal protocol for running the click tracks? Is it how I feel about the memory looking back now, years later, or how i felt when those events happened? Because often times before running the click tracks, i find myself feeling different looking back to how I felt as if I was there. E.g. I felt anger in the events, but look back and feel sadness. Should I get both?

    Thanks for all the advice Guys