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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Dan,

    What I suggested is not the standard protocol, per se, but it is another very useful way to access feelings/emotions that might be suppressed or hard to access.

    The emotions can be suppressed for a number of reasons, and some of them have been mentioned in this thread.

    Other reasons can be: embarrassment about having the problem, rationalising the problem away, using platitudes to feel better about the problem or to convince yourself the problem is gone.  On top of this, people can distract themselves out of problems.

    Some of these reasons can come from the conscious mind and make perfect sense, but knowing how you “should” feel does not make problems disappear. If it was that simple, we would probably just choose bliss all the time. That would be pretty awesome, to be fair!

    So, while the standard protocol works the majority of times, going back to how you would have felt “back then” and clearing that can be highly effective, if the emotions are not coming up.

    A.good example of this would be if someone had a relationship break-up and they do not resolve it. Time goes by, they read a few books, get some advice and realise the relationship was a good thing. However, on a subconscious level, the hurt or feeling of rejection is linked to the break-up.

    Someone might be embarrassed about feeling bad about the break-up, or might suppress the feelings away with platitudes like “plenty more fish in the sea!” or “que sera!”

    The memory might not seem troublesome.

    So, to dissolve the memory in this type of scenario, going back to how the person felt at the time of the break-up would be very effective.

    If you feel sadness thinking of the memory now and anger at the time, or vice versa, keep CTing until you neutralise the emotion in both contexts. This would mean that, yes, you can remember that you felt a certain way in that memory but can no longer recreate it in yourself now.

    I hope that makes sense.


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