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Brian Tucker

    I did a test to see what the experience would be like to do a bunch of beliefs. I blasted through 12 beliefs in a row using the 12 minute track. I will preface this by I expected some intense shifting and that is exactly what I had for about 18 hours. It was extremely intense and I was prepared for that shift fully knowing what was going on. It did include some very strong negative thoughts and physical feelings. For some people this might be very uncomfortable, especially if you have anxiety.

    My recommendation would be for the normal person go slow with this and maybe do 2-3 max in a day for two reasons:

    1.) By doing this many you can see what the before and after shift is clearly like.

    2.) By doing a few similar types of beliefs you may collapse many other connected or similar/related beliefs as a result which would make it unnecessary to do many others you might have targeted on your list. For example, sometimes if you take out a huge core belief around fear it might take out many other oddball and small ones with it. Tim talks about this in the interview on the belief buster page.

    The result of this was amazing all of the beliefs mean nothing now.

    I had a friend test it on “I am a victim (I'be been a victim) and I can't say no (I couldn't say no) and both are totally gone. The latter was and example of using something other than “have been”