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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Shaber,

    Thanks for posting. I am glad you have found the posts valuable. I have too, in all honesty, as I find that I also learn a great deal from the community, how people use the tracks and from people reporting their creative use of the tracks.

    As Brian stated, plus…

    Future stated beliefs/negative expectations come from our experience of life. “I will never be successful”, “I will never get better” etc come from our attempts of trying to be “successful” or trying to change and not getting the desired results, over-generalising and effectively acting as a fortune-teller for our future achievements.

    So, just move that future tense to the past and be clear and specific on what success and failure MEANS for you. What is failure for you and what is success? How do you *know* you failed?

    This is not to convince you of anything. Rather, it might help you discover some other beliefs to clear. If you had started a business and it dissolved, you might think you're a “failed” businessperson etc. If you “failed” some exams, you might think “I'm bad at exams.”

    Belief Blasters is an incredibly effective tool for eliminating simple beliefs remarkably efficiently, but I also find PSTEC Negative (
    ) to a brilliant way to get rid of unwanted beliefs and suggestions. The PDF on this program, which explains a lot about beliefs is very valuable too.


    Paul  :)

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