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Hugo Frutos

    Hello PSTEC Family! I’m confused about the right order using the new Beliefs Blaster.
    Before, this was the right order:

    Dealing with the emotion using the free CT and Accelerators
    Then the Negative
    Then the Positive

    Now, when I use the Beliefs Blaster, do I need to deal with the emotion first and then run the Beliefs Blaster or not?

    Another question:
    When I’m using the Belief Blasters, am I supposed to have emotional reactions when Tim says to try to really believe the negative belief? How do I make myself try to believe something stronger?

    Is it normal to have thoughts about the events that led to the creation of that negative belief in the first place?

    For example:  I used it for “I couldn’t follow through” and as I was listening and repeating, my head took me to all the places and moments where I failed or didn’t follow through on what I wanted to at the time. Like a chain of images; one after the other. Like a Powerpoint presentation; one slide after the other.