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Brian Tucker

    All you need to do is run the belief blaster. You don't need to run CT before or after though you could. If any related feelings come up afterward of which you don't know the belief it would certainly be a good idea to CT those.

    You can follow up with a positive suggestion or two using pstec positive or extra positive but you don't have to. This is discussed by Tim and Jeff in the audios on the sales page. It is suggested that anyone who purchases belief blasters listens to these recordings.

    You can also listen to relaxing accelerator at the end of your session and “imagine what success looks like” as the instructions say. Really think about and try as hard as you can to feel the good feelings while listening. You can even come up with 2-3 short suggestions and repeat them while imagining success and feeling it. “From now on I will always follow through on everything I do”

    Yes it is absolutely normal to see all sorts of memory flashes and the associated feelings while listening to a BB track. The experience is almost as if it is sucking the old core negative thoughts and feelings right out of you. Beautiful to see and feel all of that leave your reality, isn't it?

    Also, the 18 minute track is a powerhouse. There are several added suggestions in there that are very powerful.