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shabier hassan

    “I am a little shaky at the very thought of blasting it away” This is a sure sign to absolutely remove a belief IMO.

    “Wouldn't I be exposing myself by becoming totally naive and unsuspecting?”

    My two cents…

    When you have a “negative” belief like this everything is running though it and so the default is you automatically do not trust people. The way you are going to think feel and behave will always put you on the defensive and in essence you will always be setting yourself up for this, your subconscious can create these situations and even attract them. When you blast the belief you disconnect the negative thoughts and feelings of the belief. You will still be able to make a decision on whether you trust someone or not though it will not be a decision you make on unconscious negative emotions as a reaction rather you will be making it in a conscious way based on fact.

    Thanks, Brian!What a brilliant explanation!!You just changed my perception about removing that belief even without click tracking.You have no idea how much I learn from your detailed posts.I have started listening to 'No Nore Anger” after reading your posts.Please keep posting your insights.