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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Rita,

    Adam made a really good point there.

    “Money is bad” would be an example of a core belief.

    “Money is…”, “People are…”, “I am…”, “Life is…” are examples of how core beliefs are held. Completing these sentences would typically reveal the core belief(s).

    The distinction here, of course, would be to ensure the sentence has a “belief structure” to it.

    “I am a bad person” cuts to the core. “I am feeling low” is emotionally descriptive. It does not cut to the core, as it were.

    Obviously these are just examples. Around money, there is a lot of assumptions that are linked to the culture and mày go way back to early childhood.

    “Money is hard to come by.”
    “Money is the root of all evil”
    “The only way to be successful is to be rich.”

    Can you see that, if someone held these beliefs, it would generally affect their experience of life?

    It can be really useful to look at your pattern around money (or anything, really). What patterns do you have around money? Do you tend to overspend or do you “hoard” it? What do you feel that people who talk about money a lot?

    Think of the pattern and then think along the lines of “what would I have to believe to behave/think that way?”

    Hope that helps.


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