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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Magsoltech,

    Thanks for posting.

    I suspect that, if you continue to CT the fear, you will eradicate it. It may just be a case that there are various references to this.

    Have you been able to locate any childhood instances where you were called upon to perform (e.g. at school), or put into unfamiliar situations that stretched beyond your comfort zone?

    There may be a fear of being embarrassed or humiliated here, so use that in the CTs. Try hard to feel the anticipatory anxiety of getting up to speak and it not going as well as expected.

    if you have Belief Blasters, you may be able to get this resolved even more quickly.

    The following beliefs would be worth exploring:

    – “Mistakes were bad”
    – “Failure was bad”
    – “I had to be perfect”
    – “I had to be slick”
    – “I had to be in control”

    If you don't, then you could still use PSTEC Positive or PQT on the following:

    – “I am now completely at ease when I am asked to speak”
    – “When I think about managing the class, I relax deeply now”
    – “I will be so calm when managing this class”
    – “Everything is going to go so much better than I realised”

    Please let us know how you get on with that, Magsoltech.

    All the best,


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