Reply To: Feeling and sensation without the memory

Brian Tucker

    Hi Magsoltech,

    You can also run a CT on the feelings you have when you can't remember something; the feelings might be fear, frustration, worry etc.

    Paul  :D

    Another great way to do this if you have belief blasters;

    Blast the belief “I was no good at remembering things” or even more of a gross generalization which I would recommend “I was no good at remembering anything/everything”

    Think of the problem at hand and just think of that belief in general all throughout your life and in particular a parent or teacher saying something like “you are no good at remembering anything!” “you have a terrible memory!” etc. usually tied at the core to “no good” as you feel all the feelings that are associated with the belief, including not being able to remember.

    Also works for “no good at paying attention, listening, communicating” etc normal for many people!

    Another great one for PSTEC, which helped me in a profound way with respect to the overall effectiveness of the tracks in general “I was no good at following instructions/directions”