Reply To: Women, Rejection and Beauty


    Hi there, I’d like to touch on what has been discussed in this topic.

    I have a similar issue, where the prettier the girl is, the more I don’t think they’d like me, and it has been my experience recently.

    In my mind, I don’t feel good enough (attractive enough mostly) to be with the girls I want to be with. I then get critical of myself physically, by looking into the mirror and noticing what I don’t like about myself and what I see. I also keep thinking if I was more attractive/handsome…I wouldn’t be having this problem.

    What should I do? Is it possible to see myself as attractive? In my opinion, if I don’t like what I see physically or appreciate who I am…how is anyone else supposed to? I guess installing a beliefs like I am attractive/I am good enough for attractive partners would help.

    Can I focus on what I see in the mirror and clear the negative emotions until I feel attractive?

    Thanks for any input!