Reply To: Women, Rejection and Beauty


    Thanks so much for the helpful reply.

    The lowdown on me is I was talking to this girl (and I was hoping things were going good) but just recently she stopped talking to me and it really got me down.

    I tried to imagine the sadness/fear/resentment/paranoia/jealousy of the situation. Her not talking to me, me never being with her, her finding someone better etc. I must’ve done the 30 min long click tracks at least 8 times with little relief.

    I then turned to the belief blasters and tried to run certain beliefs about the situation…which really was about me and my insecurities about being with her: I’m not good enough, not handsome enough etc. I’ve felt a little relief after running those but those but they still seem true. Do I just keep running the beliefs blasters until I feel a shift?

    This whole situation has got me feeling crazy. All my worries/doubts/fears about myself and my capabilities all came exploding to the surface this last week or so. Been clicking for hours and hours with some relief. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong but I get discouraged when I’m tapping/or running BB and still feel bad even after hours of doing so.

    Sorry for the long post…but thanks again for the help!