Reply To: Women, Rejection and Beauty


    A little update…I’ve been running BB tracks like crazy. I feel some relief for awhile then feel bad again.

    I just can’t shake the belief that I’m ugly/not attractive enough…mainly because of my skin (acne scars from when I was younger)

    I’ve ran “I was ugly.” “I hated my face.” “I couldn’t love my skin.” “I wasn’t handsome enough.” But these things still feel true to me. Is it like the click tracks where I just keep repeating a BB track until it doesn’t feel true anymore?

    Also, any advice on Belief statements on a specific person? If that can be applied. I’m so caught up on this girl whom I was talking to and that has come to a hault and it’s been really hard to cope. I felt like not being good enough/handsome enough for her, she’ll never want me…consumed my mind when we were talking and it became a self-fulfilling procephy as she stoppped talking to me and trying to hang out.

    I’m so discouraged after running a bunch of these beliefs and still feeling the same when I look in the mirror. If I can’t love myself, I can’t expect her to…(which is where I want to be at the end of this)

    Again changing my perception about my attractiveness seems impossible. For years I’ve always wished i looked differently…I just count never accept what I see in the mirror. I just can’t accept I could be handsome with my facial flaws.

    EDIT: I saw on Brian’s post on the list of Belief statements to blast “pretty girls didn’t like me. And “women wouldn’t have found me attractive.” Could these beliefs contribute to not liking my physical appearance? If I believed the girl I want to be with would find me attractive/want me as I am now…would I still be critical of myself? Or the right approach is getting to the point of loving what I see in the mirror/feeling handome enough first and then I’d approach the situation more confidently, believing she’d want me?

    I was hoping it would’ve been as simple for me as removing “I was ugly.” And installing “I am handsome enough exactly as I am now.” And then i could go out an get my girl lol.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated…