Reply To: Women, Rejection and Beauty

Brian Tucker

    Thanks Brian I’ll give these a shot…

    A little update too…so I’ve been able to let go lots of bad feelings/perceptions about my physical appearance which is good.

    But with the girl I’m talking to, sometimes it seems like she’s interested and other times it feels like I’m just a friend to her. I’ve been getting frustrated with thoughts why isn’t this going the way I want? And will she ever warm up to the idea of being with me?

    Oh man love is a battlefield haha

    Thanks again for the helpful ideas!!!

    Things must have always went perfectly
    Things should never have gone wrong
    I couldn't have handled uncertain outcomes
    I couldn't have handled bad outcomes
    Things should have gone the way I wanted them to
    Women didn't want to be with me
    Others weren't interested in me
    I wasn't interesting
    I had nothing to offer