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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Lizard3274 and Adam.

    Thank you so much for your posts

    Lizard, I am delighted to learn of your progress and, although Tim has created another amazing tool for personal change, thanks to everyone who is putting it to great use.

    It is great to know that you used Belief Blasters and Quantum Turbo in combination – very thorough. Did you eliminate one belief and then suggest the “direct opposite” or did you scaffold it (by using a series of suggestions)?

    Adam, that's an interesting perspective. Truth is, I do not know for sure and it is a difficult one to test empirically. It is said that the subconscious is very literal and “child-like”, but I never 100% accepted that if you told a child “not” to do/say something, they would be more inclined to do/say it. The subconscious is unique in its operating processes, however.

    As with all suggestions, the power comes with how someone processes it and the ways in which it resonates.

    I have found that a really effective way to use QT is to reframe past events: “That coach called me lazy, but he was wrong” etc.

    I sometimes use the “parallel realities” approach. If someone is taking part in a competition or doing a test, it is definitely worth rehearsing for performing well in that. However, in the “parallel reality” where someone fears NOT doing as well, or things going wrong, it can be useful to run a CT on the emotional impact of that.

    You can also suggest “No matter what happens in this test, I can feel great” or “I'll give this my very best, because it makes sense”

    In this way, the person will be fully prepared for whatever comes up…or whatever they imagined coming up.

    It is not always necessary to work this way, as positive expectancy can tip the balance on its own.

    All the best,


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