Reply To: PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo


    So far I have used Quantum Turbo primarily on two issues. One has shifted fairly well and the other less so and I'm wondering if I'm doing things as best as they can be done. My question pertains the repetition of my suggestion while the audio plays. So when I'm done visualizing a given power word, where should I best place my attention?

    1. Subsequently on the rest of the words in my suggestion?
    2. On the instructions Tim gives in the audio? “To keep half an ear” and my power word or my whole suggestion? 
    3. Or should I stay focused on the power word until it changes?
    4. Or even try my best to focus on all of the above? That would be quite a challenge to keep shifting my attention.

    I can add that once I'm done visualizing my power word I can quite easily repeat the rest of my suggestion pretty much automatically hence my question what to best do next. Also, because I feel this tool could be so much more effective for me. I have been experimenting with it all, but can't seem to quite figure out what would be most optimal. I will appreciate your guys' perspectives on this matter. Thanks!