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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for the post.

    You could layer in suggestions about PSTEC's efficacy, but I find this works best when there seems to be a block of some description.

    Someone may block out a causal memory, and the Accelerators work amazingly well to bring these to mind. You can also use PP like “The causes of my problems become clear as I resolve them”

    Past beliefs are actual beliefs. Beliefs about the future are effectively expectations. I would contend that our interpretation of past events creates our expectation of the future.

    When someone says something like “I can't wait for my vacation”, there is a belief/expectation they will be enjoying the vacation and a positive feeling going along with that.

    In your case “what would happen” might be best resolved first with Belief Blasters and/or the Click Tracks. The Click Tracks, of course, work amazingly well on imagined worst-case scenarios. You had mentioned dating and you may have historical negative associations in this realm.

    So if you had a belief like “This date will go bad”, you can come up with logical counterexamples like “As long as I'm on top form and feeling great, this date can't go bad”, “I can't possibly see the future”,”I can have fun, no matter what.”

    Then, once you eliminate the expectation-style belief with Belief Blasters or PSTEC Negative, you could layer in something like:

    “No matter what happens on these dates, I'm good”

    “The right girl is definitely out there for me”

    “I'll be completely chilled on these dates, as it makes sense”

    “I'll always have love in my life, as it comes from me”

    All the best, Truman.

    Paul  :D

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