Reply To: PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo

Brian Tucker

    DarekKow – Out of respect for a paying client I prefer to refrain. I used the words that came out of their mouth about what they wanted to accomplish as they already had a little desire to change. Again I reference the gold nuggets in this recording in using what the person already says to form the suggestion.

    This is the best place to start with change for a person and is why beliefs are generally specific to the individual. They already believe what they say to some extent.

    This simply needed to reinforce the thought and transform it into a belief. Enter quantum turbo.

    I will say this: Quantum Turbo is so profoundly powerful that you can literally use it to “tell yourself what to do” even if you don't believe it at all. So with this concept in mind as you stated in your post that you already know what you want to do. You're already 100% of the way there. You just need to believe it. That's the extra 1% to hit the tipping point. This is accomplished by adding weight to it. Use those words to craft an 8-10 word suggestion or two and use the 15 minute track.

    I did it, Brian!

    I crafted quite a few suggestions for my issue and it definitely worked. Probably overdid it somewhat, but I wanted to make sure it works. I actually used the word “disgusting” in a couple of my suggestions and this is exactly how I feel about porn now. I wouldn't do it now in hindsight though, because I don't prefer placing judgement values in my mind. Anyway, this was a few days ago and today was a true test for it, because I had a lot of free time, felt bored and there was the all too familiar heaviness in me and I was looking for a quick relief. So even though I was logically thinking about it and wanted to do it (out of habit I guess) I couldn't bring myself to doing it, I didn't even take a peek or anything. I now have a really bad and sick feeling around watching P. It's kind of funny how that works. I ended up finishing the Inside Out movie instead, hehe. I have also been doing a suggestion or two like “My life is now so much better without watching porn” every day just to make sure it sticks and I don't revert. But I do feel this change is deep seated already.


    See how easy that was? You are awesome. Way to go. And yes, I always do a few more to really hit home. Overkill is good!!!

    As far as judgement goes you would only be believing it was disgusting for yourself. That's just an opinion. You are not against the porn in any way. Against is more on the side of judgement.

    There are certainly other words that could be used in place of that. The sky is the limit.