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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Dominance,

    Thanks for providing your update.

    When you eliminate a belief or run a CT, your subconscious is doing a lot of reorganising and background processing. It is fantastic that you are sticking at it and the results will continue to stack up whiile you eliminate more beliefs and add more positives to the mix.

    When resolving patterns, most people feel an incredible lightness of being and freedom. A minority of people can get reactions when they release – a sense of uncertainty or some anxiety. It all goes away, of course, and you can use the PSTEC tools to support yourself through this.

    I suspect that some of the beliefs referenced in earlier posts may be contributing to the bad feeling you get shortly after getting attention. It might well be:

    “It is dangerous for people to focus on me”

    Or could it be something like “Nothing good ever lasts” or “If they knew the real me, they wouldn't be interested” (a surprisingly common belief, in my experience)?

    Your experience seems to be a common one and you may have worries about progressing things, in case you either get rejected, ,”scare them off” or get criticised. There is a part of your mind that will know exactly what you fear. It might even bring up some resistance that “this is wrong.”

    The key thing is: you seem to be on-course and, as you chip away at this, you will notice so many positive changes in your perceptions.

    Thanks again for your updates.

    Paul  :)

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