Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools

Brian Tucker

    Hi Tomas,

    Thank you very much for your post and your kind words. I really appreciate them.

    In truth, Belief Blasters is designed to work on simple beliefs, but I have found it works brilliantly on more elaborate beliefs – as long as they are not too unwieldy

    For more elaborate belief structures, you can simply put all parts into the past tense in a way that makes most sense to you.

    If I was running the particular belief you/I cited, I would go with:

    “If they had known the real me, they wouldn't have been interested”

    More elaborate beliefs, of course, can be built on a foundation of other beliefs.

    If someone believes that people/prospective partners wouldn't be interested, beliefs that might contribute to this are:

    “I'm not interesting”
    “I'm not worth knowing”
    “People can't be trusted”
    “People will always leave me”
    “It is not OK to be myself”
    “There's something wrong with me”

    Hope that helps, Tomas.

    Take care,

    Paul  :D

    Another way of tackling the problem'should'-be/msg4644/