Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools


    Thanks Paul,
              The feeling danger if people give me attention definately is an issue for me. I did some work around feeling unsafe getting attention with belief blasters and then with pqt feeling safe when I get attention.

    I also realized that I equate rejection with 'not being good enough' so I did a belief blaster around that, and then pqt on 'I am completely comfortable with potential rejection, because I know I am more than good enough.'

    I also had a thought today about the difference between clicktracking and the belief work (both belief blaster and pqt).

    I've been just arbritrarily clicktracking first every time because I feel like that's the best way from my past experience with other methods. Some of these times I wasn't able to bring up strong emotions but tried my best to. And i've only been doing 1 belief every 2 or 3 days, and every day a clicktrack.

    I've been wondering if instead it might be more powerful if I did the beliefs more regularly, maybe daily without the clicktrack if that would bring more effective change? Compared to beliefs every 2 or 3 days and clicktracking every day?

    I've always thought dealing with the emotions is important first, but then I had thoughts 'in some of these cases the beliefs could be the thing generating the emotions'. Like with talking to girls, I can't bring up any strong fear for example, but it's just feeling blocked to it and not that confident. I struggled with that yesterday so I thought maybe it would have been better just going straight to the beliefs in that case.

    And instead of doing it no matter what, maybe just clicktrack something if I am conscious of strong emotions around it.

    I'm reluctant to drop the clicktracking the emotions part, but the thing is i've done a TON of emotional releasing with all kinds of methods, and haven't really got the results i've hoped for. So maybe i'm holding onto it too much.

    What do you guys think?

    I've started working on a plan of who I want to be, and can use that as a guide to work on the things that are contrary to that.

    Up until now i've been doing what comes up daily, mostly around women and my limiting feelings then taking those things and figuring out the belief behind it after clicktracking the emotions. Some days that leaves me sitting there thinking “what is the best thing” where if I had this plan I could refer to that more. I've seriously been putting off writing it though because it's confronting.