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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Dominance,

    Thanks for your post and your update.

    With regards to the “CT vs belief work” question, it can be useful to mix up the type of tracks you use – so some CTing, some BBs, some PQT. Variety can work so well.

    There is, of course, no “one size fits all” answer. Emotions create beliefs and beliefs create emotions, so all the tracks have their place. However, if you are being guided to the belief-based tracks, you may wish to pursue that approach. Certainly, it will mean you will not need to tap for awhile.

    Again, in keeping with the “no one size fits all” approach, using a Belief Blaster and then following up with PQT tends to be extremely effective. However, sometimes using either Belief Blasters OR PQT can be very effective on its own. You will know this yourself and will be able to assess it.

    One approach that can help pinpoint a belief is to look at your behaviour and feelings and then asking “what would I have to believe about myself, that person and that situation to feel and act that way?”

    Then fill in the blanks here:

    “I am…”
    “She is…”
    “She thinks…”
    “He is…”
    “People are…”

    Hope that helps,

    Paul  :D

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