Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools

Russell Cronberg

    Dominance, I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for posting your journey with the BB and PQT tools.  My situation is VERY similar to yours in that I was bullied in my younger years and I have a lot of shame and insecurities around my masculinity and attractiveness towards women. 

    I've been doing some work with both tools around beliefs relating to my distrust of other men (they'll pick on me, harass me etc) and also my deservingness of the type of women I truly want in my life.

    I think Brian's reply may be the missing puzzle piece for me as I have been seeing limited results when working on the individual specific beliefs.  It feels like now I've always intuitively known that I've been trying to fix a symptom rather than the root cause but I couldn't quite articulate it.

    Brian, could you please list some examples of limiting beliefs that would be related to toxic shame?