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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Rucron,

    Thanks for your post and for sharing the work you have been doing.

    As Brian mentioned, shame and anger can be very corrosive and are certainly worth resolving. With PSTEC, of course, you have different ways to address these types of emotions and the patterns that support them.

    As well as what has been suggested, you may wish to complete the following sentence.

    “People would think less of me if they knew I…”

    If you really drill down on this, you can find out what really “shames” you.

    You might even feel a sense of shame for “being bullied”, “having this problem” and things of that nature.

    Another one that might be worth exploring is times when people have lied about you, or spread gossip about you. A lot of people feel a fusion of anger, shame and embarrassment for being accused of things they have not done.

    It would be helpful to know which beliefs you have been working on, as I have found that sometimes the beliefs being addressed are “pattern descriptive”, rather than “pattern causing.”

    For example, “I am uncomfortable when approaching people” is pattern descriptive, whereas “It is dangerous to approach people” is causal.

    “Insecurities around masculinity” sounds like a “not enough” pattern, and people who have been bullied can certainly have this self-concept. It can be held as “there is something wrong/weak about me”, rather than “the bullies were out of order.”

    However, to expand on the earlier point, this does not have to be a long process. You can tip the balance very quickly when you pinpoint and eliminate the causal beliefs and emotions.

    I hope that helps, Rucron. Please keep the thread updated with any questions/concerns you have and any progress you have made.


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