Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools


    I haven't updated for a while. But PSTEC is going well for me, I may update at some stage.

    Mainly posting because this is something that's really frustrating. I know not to use PSTEC on sexual turn on because it can get rid of it, but the problem is a few times when clicktracking and thinking of girls it kind of come up, and sometimes it pops into my head without wanting it to. I try to refocus, but it seems just thinking of it briefly has a negative effect.

    Initially when this happened I had RAGE come up intensely, annoyed because I don't want this to happen, I don't want it to come up during a clicktrack and don't want to clear it. My strategy I come up with was to instead refocus on that rage. The rage was so bad I actually wanted to punch myself in the face.. sounds crazy and not something i'd usually do but that shows how intense it was.

    I seem to have mostly got past the issue of sex coming up during clicktracking, now that rage doesn't come up and I can more gently refocus, but just having it come up for a few seconds seems to affect it negatively as I said.

    Now my sexual response is noticably worse, finding it more difficult to get turned on, and a few weeks ago was with a woman and it both took me longer to recover. There was some frustration around that.

    I don't know what to do about this, the qigong i'm doing was bringing up sexual energy and I was starting to get more turned on in general, then when it come up during clicktracking the qigong isn't getting that response at all, so I worried i've screwed myself up.

    Anything I can do about that? I just had a woman over and it was similar to the other weekend, now that she's gone i'm starting to feel depressed and down on myself about it.

    I can also say in the past after giving up porn, the times my sex drive has started to kick back in there's some kind of weird fear or something that makes me just want to get rid of it.. one reason for example is because if i'm not seeing anybody at the time i've had a tendency to sleep with someone I don't really want and then regret it because of that.