Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools


    Damn it happened again today, couldn't stop thinking sexually of the girl I was with last night and the massive rage come up again that I thought i'd dealt with in response ot that. In that I get mad that it's coming up, I tried to shift to focusing on the rage instead as much as I could.

    Basically that rage and frustration is hate towards myself for sabotaging myself and fucking everything up. And is coming up because I don't want to think about or focus on sex or thinking of looking at certain parts of girls during the clicktrack and I can't really stop it. It got so intense again that I slapped myself in the face several times, which again is unusual for me and not something i'd ever do usually, so i'd say there's something intense in there somewhere.

    Similar a few times when I did a brief clicktrack after the gym with a feeling that come up, I briefly started thinking about this girl from last night and how she liked me after the messages she sent. And then that feeling lessened which I didn't want either.

    I can say that isn't specifically just PSTEC. In the past while doing other releasing methods my mind has tried to sabotage me by bringing in things that are positive, and trying to get rid of them. I don't know what to do about it.