Reply To: I can’t believe this! Amazing

Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Oliver,

    Thanks very much for your update.

    It can be truly astonishing what can show up when people immerse themselves in the PSTEC tools – patterns emerge, the origins of problems reveal themselves, metaphorical constructs might appear alongside long-repressed memories.

    It will be interesting to learn what impact resolving the memory will have on your everyday experience. Rest assured, it will likely lead to something positive.

    Your experience emphasises the way in which the Click Tracks are designed to work – they don't remove or deny the memory. They effectively remove the unwanted emotion(s) that is/are linked to the memory. As you mentioned, all significance of the memory is eroded.

    It becomes just something that happened that means nothing about you or life.

    All the best, Oliver.


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