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      I fell off PSTEC – mostly because I got a new phone and couldn't get the click tracks transferred over.

      However I started up again, and I worked through memories from being young that seem quite “insignificant” as far as there are a lot of people out there that have had far more traumatic childhood events than these.  But it is almost magical.  I clear some random memory that has stuck with me all these years, and good things happen in life.

      Just to give an example, I was in 4th grade and had to be an altar boy (no not that kind of trauma) at a 7am weekday mass with about 20 people present.  I had just learned how to be an altar boy and this was my second mass. 

      I had to ring the bells and one of the bells broke off and clanked across the church marble floor.  I distinctly recall the other altar boy laughing as well as the people in attendance, and the priest's face being not happy.

      This has stuck with me for my whole life, I would remember it at random times and feel that embarrassment and shame come up randomly throughout life whenever something would bring that memory up again.

      One clicktrack and it is not gone, but seems like someone else's memory or insignificant. 

      I don't know what effect this memory has had on my life for all these years but it is so amazing that it's now gone.  Or rather, it's hard to recall and if I try really hard it seems funny kind of.  As if I could be my young self's dad, I say to myself no big deal.  The bells were faulty, wasn't anything to be embarrassed of.

      This stuff keeps blowing my mind.

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Oliver,

        Thanks very much for your update.

        It can be truly astonishing what can show up when people immerse themselves in the PSTEC tools – patterns emerge, the origins of problems reveal themselves, metaphorical constructs might appear alongside long-repressed memories.

        It will be interesting to learn what impact resolving the memory will have on your everyday experience. Rest assured, it will likely lead to something positive.

        Your experience emphasises the way in which the Click Tracks are designed to work – they don't remove or deny the memory. They effectively remove the unwanted emotion(s) that is/are linked to the memory. As you mentioned, all significance of the memory is eroded.

        It becomes just something that happened that means nothing about you or life.

        All the best, Oliver.


        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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          Hey Paul,

          It is my pleasure and thanks for the insightful reply.

          I spent today working through quite a few other things.  We all have physical features that we are self conscious about.  I need to probably do another session but the self consciousness reduced from what I gauged about a 7 down to a 2 or 3.

          I had a bully incident as a kid that I clicktracked a couple times and I have felt this feeling of personal power all day since.

          Now I'm not sure, I have just recently delved into the belief blaster and quantum turbo.  But I find working with memories associated with a belief through clicktracks much more effective than the belief blaster.  Although I am very new to it. 

          I used belief blaster on “I would never be a wealthy individual” and “I never knew who I was”  (that last one was just an experiment.  I feel I have lived most of my life trying to please other people rather than live life for myself.

          And I also did two positive affirmations with quantum turbo.  These are yet to be determined, one about money and one about public speaking.  However, these affirmations now just seem to ring in my head automatically.  Very interesting.

          Will keep giving updates because I love this stuff and can't wait to see how different of a person I am in 2 weeks, in a month, in 3 months with consistent work.

          PSTEC User

            Also, I love it how the clicktracks go like this – you work on a memory or emotion and the memory becomes harder to remember and the emotions are neutralized. 

            Then other memories pop up to work on later.

            Right now I just clicktracked another memory.  When I was in 6th grade we had these student nurses come in and check us for scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  Myself and one other girl were singled out in front of our entire class for possibly having scoliosis.  For a few days it was the whole gossip of the class, people asking us if what our official doctor visit had.  It was very embarrassing to be singled out and have everyone know.

            I then took the note home and I remember sitting at the top of the stairs late at night when I was supposed to be asleep and hearing my parents very concerned discuss this.  And we of course had to make an official doctor visit.

            Well, it turns out my spine was perfectly straight it was just my right shoulder and arm were proportionately more muscular as I was tennis player.

            Needless to say this was very traumatizing for me to be the talk of the class and not in a good way and overhearing my parents talk about me behind my back in a very concerned way.

            A couple clicktracks and the memory is neutralized.

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