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      Hi all,

      any comment on my post?

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Hi Borut –

        As a general rule, you can use any statement you want. You really can’t make a mistake with PSTEC. If you have any feelings around “doing pstect wrong” or “whether it will work or not”, I would suggest you click those down as far as you can to zero.

        In looking at your statement:

        It is now completely safe for me to completely give up all causes (reasons) for my feelings of inferiority (not being worthy).

        Will it work? is not really the question here but more a matter of is that the desired outcome you are actually wanting? It seems what you really want is to neutralize the feelings and be free from them once and for all.

        I would suggest a slightly different approach.

        Primarily: Clicktrack any feeling of “inferiority” and/or “not being worthy” and even “worthless” down as close as you can to zero.

        Before that though, it would be helpful to layer in some positive suggestions around change

        Change is a normal part of everyday life
        Change automatically happens for me all the time very easily
        I definitely notice massive changes in my life
        I can feel good about the changes I am making with PSTEC
        I am seeing a lot of success with PSTEC safely
        PSTEC is working better and better for me to change myself
        Every time I hear Tim’s words I feel much better about everything
        I definitely feel a big difference in my everyday life

        Try putting a few of these in each day for a week and notice how you shift your perception of change. Then continue three a day for another week as you clicktrack down the feelings I outlined above.

        You may also want to clicktrack the feelings that others are worth more than you, are more valuable than you and are superior to you. Also the feelings of comparing yourself to others in any scenarios that you are “less than” others.

        Other suggestions:

        It was silly for me to think that I was inferior (in any way, to others)
        I am at least equal to others in every way
        I am just as valuable as anyone else
        I am worth as much as anyone probably more

        Try these and see what differences you notice. 🙂

        Hi all.

        I need your advice. What do you think about the following sentence to be used with PQT or Positive Extra power (and similar variantios but alsways using the word CAUSES or REASON):

        It is now completely safe for me to completely give up all causes (reasons) for my feelings of inferiority (not being worthy).

        Do you think that such statement could start destroying also the underlying reasons for such beliefs? The reason I’m asking this is because I generally don’t have a clue why I started feeling like this and such statement might help with such case.

        PSTEC User

          Hi Brian

          many thanks for your reply. The reason I was thinking about such statement is that brain, in all its power, might “know” the underlying reasons for some undesired behavior or for having so much negative self-talk. and by using such statement maybe, just maybe, brain can erase primary causes. I think that there are some underlying memories that I can’t recall but they do influence my current perception of things. and this never-ending ANTs (automatic negative thoughts).

          Also, I have one undesired “behavior” around certain intimate, male, thing which I can’t improve no matter what I try… And of course I even CT’s the frustration about this but the darn thing keeps coming back or is not getting any better.

          So, I think that one of the initial things I have to do is make change possible for my mind to accept and then maybe I can plant some positive things. Because currently it seems like my minds keeps returning to old patterns of thinking….

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