Difficulty imagining jumbling up the words in my sentence

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      I have purchased the product but when I picture jumbling the words up in my head after reading the sentence its hard I can however imagine ripping the paper up that the sentence is written on,.

      Can anyone advise on how I can make this easier to imaging ?


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        I had the same problem with the jumbling of the words. This is what I tried: I thought of all the letters each one being put into a bowl and just like stirring them up. So you have the tearing part down so think of tearing at each letter and then stirring them all up.
        I don't know it kinda worked for me I'm sure someone else has something better but maybe that will help you a little.

        Sara Prado
        PSTEC User

          I had the same problem. I just kept doing the exercise without bothering too much, trusting there is a part of me that knows how to follow the instruction.
          Please  Jeff or anyone who may be following the PSTEC modalities. Is it the way we suppose to do work with negative emotion and negative belief?
          1.picked an emotion > FEAR < I am afraid I'll not know what to do to support myself, 9 out of 10, click track 1 and 2 (in Spanish-love it!)
          1.2. down to 5, click track 3 Level 1, down to 5, repeat till down to 1-2
          1.3.what is subtle remains itself, click track Accelerator
          2.picked up a [related] belief>I believe I don't know what to do to support myself =earn  money
          PSTEC Negative
          PP “Perhaps I can stand on my own feet, support myself and be successfuld” 10x >Accelerator
          Thank you.

          PSTEC User

            Hi Sara
            I am using CT on the same issue as you, scared you can't make it own your own, financially. I have always had the belief that I have to have a man to support me I can't support myself (thanks mom). I love your positive statement: Perhaps I can stand on my own feet, support myself and be successful. I am going to borrow that if it's ok? I haven't gotten the Accelerator's I've only got Negative Eraser and the Level 1. Do you think I should get the Accelerator?

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              On scrambling… what's important is TRYING to scramble it… just keep scrambling it … no matter how you do it.  If you are fearful of not scrambling perfectly, perhaps CT the fear of not scrambling perfectly; although there are probably more general beliefs and fears about being perfect.

              So, whether you scramble it well, perfect or not… all that matters is that you scramble it!

              Play with it more supernova; you will find it … good job, Lisa …

              Sara… you are following along really well… here are some tweaks to make it even more effective…

              I am afraid I'll not know what to do to support myself
              … what does that look like to you?  Imagine not being able and take that imagined event while TRYING HARD to feel the fear.  It sounds like you were basically just CT'ing the fear and not also focusing on a memory or imagined event … it works more effectively when you attach the negative feeling to a memory or imagined event.

              With the Accelerator Tapping Track; I would start with that instead of ending with that track.  Try not to end your session with an ATT.

              Negative Eraser
              “I believe I don't know what to do to support myself =earn  money”
              Is this your negative belief?

              If so, two things…

              Either take a belief as it is or, if it's too short add the phrase,
              “It is my belief that…”

              You added “I believe…”
              Do not use that as an add on phrase.

              I don't know what to do to support myself =earn  money
              This is probably not the most “core” belief…

              Ask yourself this:
              I don't know what to do to support myself because …
              Then, see what answers or answer comes up.
              Delve a bit more.

              Also, if that's your sentence, keep each negative belief (and also for PSTEC Positive sentences) to one thought.
              In this one you have two thoughts… about not supporting yourself and also not earning enough money.  They both do not necessarily equal the same aspect.

              On your PSTEC Positive statement…

              “Perhaps I can stand on my own feet, support myself and be successfuld”
              Again, too long … too many thoughts … If you feel good about “I can…” drop the “Perhaps”

              Split supporting yourself and also being successful into two thoughts.
              You also may have to be more specific about this because “supporting myself” could mean many things.

              If you can erase the negative belief about not being able to support yourself, then you may find a more specific and dynamic vision of what you desire and then you can move in that direction.

              I don't know on this unless we did a session together because when it comes to money and wealth issues, everyone is quite individual.


              Sara Prado
              PSTEC User

                Hi Lisa,
                Please be my guest. About the statement, Jeff says it's tooo long. I'll work on that and see what comes out, and I'll be glad to share.
                The Accelerator is important to me because I play the Relaxation, 24 min long version, every night, when I am already in bed. Sometimes I even play wealth of abundance (it's free, and very good) after that. Let's see what Jeff says.
                Something I want to share. I have PSTEC since 2011, but din't use it in a consistent way. But  now it's different. Making a long story short, I moved to Europe and I need to support myself and be successful, otherwise I can't stay (yeah…pretty scary=plenty of stuff to click track!)
                All the best.

                Sara Prado
                PSTEC User

                  Thanks, Jeff. I am soaked in PSTEC these days:) Your support helps me to be persistent and keep the motivation to move forward.

                  PSTEC User

                    Interesting to read Jeff's response not to use the phrase “I believe” in the Negative statement.  Instead, he said use “It is my belief…”

                    I bought and used PSTec Neg last night and I used the phrase “I believe that I am unworthy of love.” 

                    I think I do understand the nuance of difference between using “I believe” and “It is my belief,” but Jeff if you could explain, that would be helpful.  I'm guessing many ppl are going to use “I believe..” (Maybe you already did answer this somewhere else, if so, my apologies).


                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Sara you moved to Europe that is awesome you are so courageous to make a move like that, which I don't know where you moved from but just being able to take the steps to move into a insecure situation of not knowing how it's going to be and leaving the safety of where you were is so bold and takes such courage to do. I commend you and wish I could do the same.
                      I have been thinking of some positive statements and wanted to share them with you to see if you might benefit from them 1 I am tuning into abundance.  (That is from the Wealth of Abundance audio) 2 I am so happy and grateful for being financialy abundant. Or I am so thankful and grateful for being wealthy.
                      I am going to try using those myself with the positive tracks. Let me know what you think.

                      PSTEC User

                        Lots of excellent responses to my post thankyou wil try my best to imagine the words being jumbled up.

                        I sometimes feel shy or feel afraid of standing up for myself to people who i think are better then me is the following a good way of expresding this in no less then 10 words

                        I believe i do not have the confidence to standup to those around me because i am afraid of conflict ?

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