Difficulty imagining jumbling up the words in my sentence

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      I think that is a great sentence to use but I'm a newbie.  :D

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        I saw Jeff say elsewhere not to use the words, “I believe…”

        I think he says to say “It is my belief..” instead.  I'm not quite sure of the distinction here and hope he will reply to my other post on this.

        Because I used “I believe..” when I did my first (and so far, only) PSTech Negative session.  I still think it worked…but I want to do it as right as possible (as we all do).

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          Yes your right he did say to use “It is my belief” I remember seeing that in one of his posts. I'm sure he will reply he is great about answering everyone's questions.That way we can both know the appropriate statement to use with “belief”.
          Im sure you probably got results with the other sentence but I'm like you I want to get the most out of it as possible so I want to use the right terminology.
          I will be looking forward to his answer.

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            So use my belief ?

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              I would use “it is my belief” and then the rest of your sentence.

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                I can clarify a couple of these things for you. Hopefully this will be helpful. People imagine in different ways and there is a difference between imagining and visualising. You do not actually need to visualise, (although it's great if you can).  Just imagine mixing the words in any way you can.
                Re: “it is my belief” Yes this is a better choice than “I believe”. This is because it implies ownership whereas “I believe” does not. (This is a subtle but important distinction).
                When it comes to language small differences can make a big difference. :)
                Kind Regards

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                  Awesome thank you for the response on the “I believe and it is my belief” I never thought of the ownership part. Ownership is a big part of the process isn't it? It seems I heard you say  (on an interview or something) where if you are blaming other people for your situation you will never get clear. We have to own our part in why our life is the way it is for us to be able to clear it.

                Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)
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