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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Frustration has been mentioned in many forum posts, PSTEC tutorials and interviews with PSTEC users who have realized profound success.

      This feeling is one that took me a while to realize how critical it is to the overall ease and effectiveness of PSTEC work.

      Every emotion I have had difficulty clearing was underpinned by frustration. Once I removed the associated frustration it melted like butter, usually one play of a clicktrack.

      Every time I felt like I was really stuck, not making any progress or hit a plateau with PSTEC in general or a specific feeling, I would feel some flavor of frustration. I would stop and remove that frustration and a whole new level of ease and speed would kick in taking me to the next level of freedom.

      Frustration and impatience are also (IMO) the two biggest reasons why people quit/give up using PSTEC. So the key is to remove these barriers to success IMMEDIATELY anytime you experience it.

      I would suggest to always remove frustration and impatience first when using PSTEC clicktracks when starting out and also on any given emotion.

      There are a few types of frustration. Here are the ways to look at it and clear.

      1.) A frustration and/or impatience and/or doubt (all of the above) with PSTEC in general that its not working or the feeling is not clearing fast enough. Remove this and bang – it will be easy to move back to the problem feeling and clear it.

      2.) Any and all frustration and/or impatience with life and with yourself. – This could include all areas of your life, job, self-image, money, kids, family, friends, relationship career etc etc

      3.) Frustration and/or impatience associated with the situation (you, overall, and the people or things involved) having to do with the particular issue you are focused on resolving. Clear this frustration first and also include #1 in the event it arises.

      4.) The feelings that come with the thoughts of “I am so sick and tired of this happening to me or feeling this way” about any given situation. This is something you want to also address up front. It will dramatically weaken the unwanted negative emotion.

      I would also strongly suggest to go back to your parents, family members or any other authority figure in your life you were remember being frustrated with.

      If I were starting to use PSTEC clicktracks again I would sit and spend time removing as much frustration from my life as possible right from the start because so many negatives will just disappear on their own as a result of doing this.

      The following exceprt is from the book “How To Solve Almost Any Sexual Problem The Easy Way” by Tim it has been slightly modified but I believe it applies to most situations.


      Before doing this though you should use the PSTEC Click Tracks on any frustration if it exists….To do this, think only about the situation you want to resolve and try only to feel frustration about it as you run the Click Track and follow the tapping sequences. Reducing the frustration is an important step because frustration adversely affects your ability to work on expectations and beliefs. By reducing feelings of frustration you will find it easier to change your expectations and beliefs .Your purpose in lowering any feelings of frustration with Click Tracks is threefold.

      – You lower frustration to make you feel happier and more relaxed
      – You lower frustration to allow changes in belief and expectation to be created more effectively
      – You also lower frustration because frustration about anything goes hand in hand with doubt

      It is also a good idea to run CT just on anything you can think of that is frustrating in general.


      I encourage others to add comments to this post as it has helped me progress tremendously.

      Thank you again for these wonderful ever evolving tools and everyone who contributes here!

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Brian,

        Great stuff. Thanks for shining a light on this.

        There seems to be so many aspects to frustration and it definitely can get in the way.

        This shows up in lots of ways, and I would also throw “impatience” into that mix – not just with PSTEC, but with life and the people in it. Neutralising this can dramatically transform your experience of life.

        As Tim has said “therapy is not a race” and it really is not. I would also contend that life is not a race either…nor a big competition.

        As you mentioned, Brian, the most profound changes come to those who diligently work through their issues and who neutralise any emotion that is deemed “inherent” to certain situations. 

        Paul  :D

        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

        Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

        Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

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        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          Impatience is another one, Paul thank you so much for contributing. What makes this place so wonderful.

          From my perspective I will also look at “expectation” so if I have any expectation about something that would be tied to frustration, impatience and of course all of their emotional sidekicks. When a person removes all expectation towards a given situation, magic things start to happen as a result that are not a coincidence.

          This post would make a great sticky at the top of this section.

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Paul – I removed impatience this morning. It seems to be the the fraternal twin to frustration. Gone after a few plays of the clicktracks. Amazing difference!

            wow wow wow thank you thank you.

            It's also good to remove the belief system “I've been frustrated” and “I've been frustrating” with belief blasters and “I haven't been patient” “I've been impatient” “I didn't have any patience”

            April Adams
            PSTEC User

              I couldn't agree more! When I was struggling with fear around my business success and money issues, I kept focusing on the fear and repetitive thoughts. The click tracks would help temporarily but the issue would return again and again.
              Then I tried having my fit about being so freaking tired of worrying about this issue at all. I felt that frustration, let myself cry and growl about it and that's what stopped it from repeatedly returning.
              Great tip!

              Brian Tucker
              PSTEC User

                April, thank you! I worked on some very stubborn dread and procrastination issues. It wasn't until I stopped and cleared the frustration that PSTEC would not clear it and the frustration that I was sick and tired of having it and working on it. Then suddenly it collapsed on the next clicktrack run on the procrastination feelings.

                Brian Tucker
                PSTEC User

                  Since Paul added impatience – To recap and summarize this post based on my personal experience using the CT on my situations:

                  Frustration and impatience are also (IMO) the two biggest reasons why people quit/give up using PSTEC. So the key is to remove these barriers to success IMMEDIATELY anytime you experience it.

                  – Always remove any frustration and impatience with using the PSTEC tool anytime you experience it. This could be a person just starting out with the clicktracks or someone who has been using it for years. If you are frustrated or impatient with it not working or working fast enough, stop and remove that feeling. Then return to the feeling you are working on.

                  – Remove any and all frustration or impatience you have with yourself

                  – It's a good idea to just spend some time up front doing nothing but clearing frustration and impatience in three key areas of your life, relationships, health and money/career right out of the gate. Just look at the situation in general and go to it with the clicktracks.

                  – Before you begin working on a specific feeling, look at the situation/people/triggers and see of there is any frustration or impatience associated with it as it relates to frustration or impatience you have with yourself and/or the situation/people/triggers and/or sick and tired of dealing with those feelings (frustration and impatience) If yes, clear any of that first, then work on the feeling. You will be amazed at how much faster the problem feeling can clear.


                  Brian Tucker
                  PSTEC User

                    Another good resource for frustration and impatience is Paul McCabe's article posted here:

                    Thank you, Paul!

                    PSTEC User


                      Remember, there are also beliefs behind frustration like:

                      It is painful to be frustrated.
                      I must avoid frustration at all cost.
                      Situation or people or things should be as I want them.
                      I can't stand it when situation or people or things are not as I want them to be.

                      You can use the Belief Blasters to remove these beliefs. This will help when neutralizing frustration with click tracks.

                      Best regards

                      Brian Tucker
                      PSTEC User

                        Yes. If someone were to invest in the belief blasters that could be another additional step. Even as simple as the phrases:

                        I've been frustrated
                        I've been impatient

                        I've been frustrated with…
                        I've been impatient with…
                        people, life work etc

                        This can make a HUGE difference.

                        Also “I've been frustrating”.

                        Thank you.

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