Used PSTEC negative a few times.. some questions about what’s happening.

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      Hi everyone,
                      I brought PSTEC negative the day it come out and have used it twice so far. I've been using normal PSTEC for nearly 2 months and i've seen progress I just wasn't able to get with FasterEFT which I used for years until now.

      The negative audio is going to be important because doing regular positive statements was helping but I felt there was just something there holding it back, and I hope negative can clear that.

      I've been working mainly on stuff around girls and confidence and made good progress. The first negative round 2 nights ago I did on not believing i'm attractive and then I went to bed and did a positive statement the next morning on the opposite. In bed after the negative audio I had interesting dreams where I was in situations with girls and reacting attractively to them.

      So yesterday I noticed alot of anger coming up, and at the same time felt less need to be so 'nice' to girls you could say and instead wanting to tell them more what I was thinking. Which I see as a positive, maybe the belief of not being attractive made me overcompensate by being too nice.

      Last night I did negative on the belief that i'm not good enough, then positive on “I am good enough for any girl”.

      And today even more intense anger is coming up, even rage.. at the way girls are acting, I did a clicktrack on that rage and it got more intense than it has in all the time i've been doing PSTEC.. and now it's cleared and one girl who I was annoyed at her behaviour i'm actually just having fun with it and entertaining myself and now suddenly she is replying to my messages where she wasn't before.

      Anyway, my first question is any idea why it could be bringing up all this anger? I have a few ideas, one is suddenly with those beliefs gone I feel more like I am good enough and where before I was excusing their behaviour now it's making me angry because without those beliefs I finally feel like I don't deserve to be treated like that. My other theory is just being destabilized after working on 2 big beliefs.. especially the “It is my belief that i'm not good enough” as that is a pretty core one.. so things are stirred up.

      Should I wait a few days for this to settle down before doing the negative audio again or just keep going as I am? Each day I do atleast 1 clicktrack and 1 positive and plan to add 1 negative to that, but could that be too much?

      And the last question is, after I do PSTEC negative on a belief should I repeat it several times on the same belief? I've been doing 2 main positive beliefs for around a month now and swapping between them as I feel like if I stop it will go backwards, and that's because of the negative stuff opposing it. So I could see PSTEC negative not needing to be used multiple times on a belief because it is clearing out that negative.

      Thanks.. I hope that with the negative audio I can get over the rest of what is blocking me because with the other tools in 2 months i've got further than I have in a long time with other methods.


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        Well Done Ben, both for your great use of the tool and also for your assessment of what's happened.

        As you have already noticed, when used appropriately, PSTEC Negative really does do amazing things, amazingly fast.

        Re the emotion you felt after your belief shifted: I think your assessment is 100% correct. The anger makes perfect sense given your new realisations of personal value. (Good you cleared the anger by the way) Another well done.

        Isn't it fascinating that the world (and other people) relate differently when we change inwardly?
        Thoughts truly are things.

        Anyhow, re repetition and your question.

        Very often it will not be required. If you have read the user guide part two, you will have seen my tree analogy. It rather depends whether the axe went right through the negative core belief. Very often it will. That partly depends upon the quality of the counter examples used to fuel the process. If repeating it I would advise different wording of whatever belief is to be targeted. That way you come at it from a slightly different angle. And yes, waiting a couple of days just to see how you feel makes a lot of sense. Other than that there's little that I can add other than well done.
        You seem to have it very well figured out. Bravo!

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          Hi Tim it's great to see you in the forum. I just wanted to tell you thank you for creating PSTEC I am having amazing results using it. I love it and this program is amazing.

          PSTEC User

            I too want to say it's nice to see you in the forum, Tim.

            PSTEC Accounts

              Very nice of you.
              With PSTEC Negative being so new I figured it's important for me to chip in at least a little. Under normal circumstances I try to stay off the forum. This is partly so as not to stifle opinion or discussion and also because everyone involved does such a fab job and are so knowledgable I'm not really needed.

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                You have definitely found a knowledgeable person in Jeff, he knows so much about PSTEC and has really helped me out with my many questions and I know the others feel the same. Everyone seems really nice here and non judgmental which is really nice. I feel that I am able to share my experiences and come here with any question I have and always get a reply. And again PSTEC Is absolutely Amazing!! I can't stop singing it's praise as I have never found anything that has helped me create change in so little time like your program.

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                  I agree Jeff is great. I emailed him with a support question, and was surprised and delighted to get such an in depth reply.

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                    Thanks Tim :)

                    It's good to hear i'm on the right track, after clearing the anger the self belief seems to have solidified and i've felt more 'solid' in myself.

                    PSTEC negative is powerful. I did it 2 days ago on “I believe that it is wrong to be attracted to girls” as I notice when i'm around girls i'm attracted to ther was this uncomfortable feeling that made me want to hide and I did positive on the opposite.

                    Anyway, last night I was told for the first time ever from a girl that her friend thinks i'm hot and that she thinks i'm pretty hot too.

                    Not long ago I would have felt uncomfortable and made excuses.. but with the shifts i've made now I felt comfortable with it and just accepted it and felt like it is true.

                    I hope this is a preview of things to come. :)


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                      That is great Benjamin! I am so happy to hear of your success. Keep Clicking and it will only get better. Keep us updated on your progress. What products have you been using?

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                        Thanks Lisa.

                        I'm mainly doing the level 1 clicktracks and the extra power positive tracks. I do each once a day, some days more but if I do it too much it drains me. And now i'm adding the negative tracks every now and then. I haven't done them for a few days since they drain me even more.. but that could also be my mind trying to stop me because of fear 'oh that worked so well and it's out of my comfort zone' kind of thing.

                        How have your results been with PSTEC?


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