Used PSTEC negative a few times.. some questions about what’s happening.

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      I have the Level 1 and the PN also. I have had good results with it so far. I have only used the PN twice so far and I'm not certain if it has changed my limited belief or not I did it on money issues, thinking about that though I have a bad spending problem and thinking back since doing the PN on those money beliefs I haven't bought  anything (like I get emails on how to make money and I usually always buy those and I haven't) so that is a good sign. Thank you for helping me remember that.

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        That's definately a shift if you were spending heaps of money before and all of a sudden you aren't. :)

        I haven't done any negative tracks since my other post, it's like my mind is really resisting it.. I just can't seem to get myself to do it.

        My other question to Tim or Jeff is how much should I use PSTEC positive on a statement before I move on, i've been using it on “I am good enough for any girl” for around 3 weeks every day. I took yesterday off PSTEC as I felt like I needed it. But i'm not really feeling anything doing this positive belief anymore, and didn't get much feeling from my visualization today. Is that a sign I should move onto a different statement?

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          You can move on as soon as a statement “feels right”. If it feels okay then you don't need to do it anymore. Besides you're seeing the results aren't you?
          Kind Regards

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            Hi Benjamin
            I wasn't spending heaps cause I don't have heaps or any where close to heaps but I can say this: my bank account balance is in the positive so that is a change I am definitely grateful for and say the PSTEC audios have helped me achieve. ;D
            Just a thought while reading your statement ” I am good enough for any girl” I got the thought that “I am good enough for myself”.  Have you used that statement or anything similar? And you may not be having this problem it may actually be for me to use but I just wanted to check with you and see. ;)

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              I'm finding that I'm not using PSTEC Negative anywhere nearly as much as I thought I would. 

              First, I find it more fatiguing than any of the other click tracks I've used.  It really takes a good whack out of me.

              Second, I'm finding that I do a better job of jumbling the words in the sentence I've written if I keep my eyes open as I switch the words around.  Am I reducing the effectiveness of PSTEC Negative if I do this?

              Third, sometimes I feel I trip myself up when I switch the words around.  For example, working with the statement, IT IS MY BELIEF THAT I AM INADEQUATE.  One combination of words that I came up with, with some struggle was, INADEQUATE-AM-I-IS-MY-BELIEF-THAT-IT!

              Oh, crap!!! That's not the way I want to jumble my sentence!  So, I had to make sure not to put the words of my sentence in that particular order again. 

              It seems like I'm having to go through a period of trial-and-error before feeling the benefits of PSTEC Negative.

              Alternatively since this is all working at the subconscious level, am I getting benefit without realising it yet?

              Thanks in advance to Tim and Jeff.

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                Don't visualize just imagine.

                When you look at the paper with the belief don't visualize you moving the letters around just do make-belief. Pretend in your head that it is what you are doing. I had this issue too and so many others it seems. I tend to visualize the paper in my head and then watching me rip it and scramble. Don't do this. Close your eyes an imagine how good it would feel to actually rip it up and scramble the words. So don't actually visualize you doing this as I'd you were watching yourself through a lens, just imagine how it would feel if you could actually rip it up and scramble it in reality. Then when the audio is done you actually make it a physical reality by ripping it.

                One thing that I find helps is as I look at the sentence I wrote and imagine ripping and scrambling I change my facial expression and actually pretend or imagine that what I wrote makes no sense as if it never even existed. I am not thinking “ok is it gone is it gone?” I am imagining how good it would feel to rip the hell out of this piece of paper in my head and at the same time confusing my mind and pretending its completely ridiculous or that I never believed in it to begin with. It's ok if sometimes you visualize a bit, I know it's hard trust me lol. Just try what I have been doing and see if it helps.

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