Basic QandA Sessions

These audios sessions are recorded by Tim and Jeff to answer questions that come up from both therapists and self-helpers on general and specific aspects of how to use PSTEC in the most effective and efficient ways.

Q and A - Questions and Answers

QandA Introduction

Listening and Download Instructions Click the play button on the player below (or right click on “Download” and left click “Save Link As” to save the file to your computer hard drive) and listen to the question and Tim’s answer…

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money smiles

Financial Struggles

I have been the product of financial struggles the majority of my life because of not feeling worthy.  In your program you ask us to think of a certain issue that upset us in our life but I don’t recall any of those issues that have prevented me from making money or struggling in my business.  What do I think of when I’m listening to [PSTEC tracks] to help me release what is holding me back.  It must be a self worth issue but I don’t know what that is… I just don’t know what to think of.

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Stroke Victim

I have a client that had a stroke 6 years ago, age 22, paralysis on the left side, muscle contraction, difficulty walking, paralysis a bit in the left leg and contraction in the left arm.  I was curious what PSTEC would offer a stroke victim with these types of symptoms.

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I Can’t Do It Alone

My client says, “I can’t do it alone”… my client has no family, no friends and they feel alone in the world feeding their hopelessness. How should I approach these issues?

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Nothing Works for Me!

What about when a client is rebellious… even being demonstrative… they are hopeless… expressing, “Nothing works for me” … how do I handle a difficult client in session?

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