Download Instructions

Right Click, Left Click

Go to the download link(s) on the download page for the package you purchased.

Using your mouse, click with the “left button.”
On some computers/devices, you may have to “right click” your mouse to bring up the file download window.
A “File Download” window will appear… SELECT “Save” or “Save Link” or “Save File” … DO NOT select “Open”… depending upon your computer, it may give a choice of where to download the file… place it on your desktop to make it easier to find.

Download the Actual File, Not the Link

Be sure you are downloading the actual mp3 audio file and not merely downloading the link to the file.

If you only download the link to the file, you are streaming the files rather than downloading them and running them from your device, interruptions and problems will occur.

  • When you download the files, disconnect from the internet
    and if they are downloaded, they will play without internet
  • If the download is done in a couple/few seconds, then
    you are definitely downloading the link and not the audio file…
    even with the best of internet connections, the download will
    take about 30 seconds. This depends upon the size of a file.
  • So, when you download, check and be sure it’s an actual mp3 audio type of file (for audio) and that will tell you that you downloaded correctly.

Downloading to Mobile Devices

Here are some standard tips on saving to mobile devices, iphones, etc…

The recommended way to get MP3, MP4, and PDF files onto your mobile device is to download them to a computer first (could be yours or a friends), and then sync them over to your device with a USB cable in the same way you would music and movies (i.e. via iTunes, the File Manager, etc.).

Or, they could setup a dropbox or other type of shared folder where you can download them to your apple device.

With no computer…

For iPads and iPhones, you will need to download a free file-managing app from the App Store such as “Documents 5” by Readdle.

For Android devices such as a Samsung Galaxy, it’s no problem.
When you tap on one of the download links you should be prompted to “choose an action.” Select “Downloads” and then “OK” when asked if you wish to download. Then look for the saved files in your “My Files” folder.


We have many customers who transfer their downloads from their computer to their iPhone, iPad, iPod, iCan’tDownloadonMac, etc. or download them directly and then use apps that allow you to open zip files… for example…

You can google and find instructions and even videos, like this page…
…or this…
… I did not review these, but just did a quick search.

Here was a comment from a customer on how they did it…
“I set up a drop folder on laptop and ipad and that seems to have done the trick!”